Hello my lovely readers,

Welcome to PinkPot !

I am Chaitra, the author of this blog, my dream, my baby.


To say that I am fascinated by beauty / makeup from a long time etcetera is something very obvious, otherwise i would not be here with a beauty blog today. I love beauty in everything , i try to see it in each and every moment of my life.

I believe in beauty being natural, and makeup is something that should be used only to enhance the natural beauty that we have been gifted with. Every single thing on this planet is beautiful, Period. But not everyone sees it.

I have seen others, and I myself do sometimes crib about how I would be happier with a different skin type, hair type, eye color, height and so on. But let me tell you, if we are not happy with how we currently are, we would never be happy with all that we wish for either. Because beauty comes from happiness, and happiness comes from within. So be confident, be beautiful, be you. Just being yourself, is being more than beautiful. This blog is all about that.

PinkPot is where I fill my thoughts, inspirations, motivation about everything beauty. I will talk skin, hair, nails, health and makeup and will add many more things in between eventually.

Hope you enjoy your time here, put your hand right into pinkpot and grab all that you can. Welcome, again! 🙂



Please write to me, i would love to hear from you chaitra.radhakrishna at gmail.com


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